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  • Cabot Circus Centre - 2,500 Spaces
  • Disabled spaces: 75
  • Family spaces: 74
  • Electric vehicle charging facilities
  • Shopmobility parking
  • Carwashing facilities


Opening Hours

  • Mon 24 hours
  • Tue 24 hours
  • Wed 24 hours
  • Thurs 24 hours
  • Fri 24 hours
  • Sat 24 hours
  • Sun 24 hours
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Daily Tariff


Charges between 7am - 5pm

0-1 hour  £2.30        
1-2 hours  £3.30             
2-3 hours  £4.30       
3-4 hours  £5.30     
4-5 hours  £6.30
5-7 hours  £8.30
7+ hours   £18.00        


Mon - Sun from 5pm - 7am
Parking before 5pm will incur normal tariff plus £2 evening rate                                                                   


Will be charged at £18 per day

Credit and debit cards accepted. 

Vehicle entrances are on Newfoundland Street and Wade Street. Please note we have a height restriction of 2.15 m/7.05 ft.

Pedestrian access is via the link bridge on Level 1 Glass Walk and on the ground floor- cross the road and head towards the Future Inn and you’ll see an entrance.

We have 75 designated disabled parking bays located on the Ground floor and level 3.

We have 74 dedicated family spaces available  on the Ground floor and level 3.

We have free motorcycle parking in 2 locations on the Ground floor. We also offer helmet lockers.

Shopmobility service operates from 10:00 'til 16:30 Monday to Saturday.

Find electric vehicle charging on Ground floor, Level 1 and 2, free of charge. There are 18 bays in total.

We have changing bays on Levels 1 & 2, with three bays on each level.

We have recently installed 12 POD Point bays (6 fast charging, dual chargers) on the Ground Floor. For instructions of how to use the POD Point chargers please go to

We have been awarded the European Parking Award and Park Mark Awards.

Season Tickets 

If you work near Cabot Circus and you are looking for a safe, clean and convenient place to park then why not take advantage of the Cabot Circus season tickets. Tickets are available on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. If you would like to apply for a Season Ticket, please click here to download our application form and return to

Some weekends between the hours of 12:30 and 14:30 there may be occasions where the Cabot Circus car park becomes full. When this happens, due to the entrance road being so near to the M32, we have to close off the slip road leading into our car park so that queuing cars do not cause extra traffic issues. This is normally for small periods of time between 5 & 10 minutes. During these periods when the entrances to the car park are closed, follow the blue and white P (Parking) signs which will direct you to the next available local car parks.


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