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Turntables: back in fashion

Here's how to be part of the vinyl revival

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2017 was THE year for vinyl, with record sales hitting an all-time high not seen since 1991 when Nirvana’s Nevermind was moshing its way up the vinyl chart. ​Love him or loathe him, Ed Sheeran is fueling the trend with Divide being best-selling vinyl album last year. But sitting alongside these modern maestros sees many classic musical heroes too – Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles and David Bowie are all rooted in the top 10 vinyl chart. ​So, which turntable should you buy, particularly if you’re a vinyl virgin? ​Whether you’re into bold patterns or something more contemporary in warm wood effect, we’ve got your turntable kit covered at Cabot Circus. ​Many turntables have built-in speakers, so they’re a great plug-in-and-listen option. An additional RCA output and built-in preamp will let you hook up to more powerful speakers at home (some tunes just need that extra oomph, eh?). ​Alternatively, if you fancy cranking up the tunes late at night without falling out with your neighbours, look for a headphones socket (and treat yourself to some uber-cool Beats on-ear headphones, while you’re at it). ​Additional handy features to check for include Bluetooth capabilities and a USB output, which will let you digitise your tunes. Check out our pick of turntables available at Cabot Circus below. ​Right, we’re off to dig out all our old band T-shirts. Enjoy!

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Our picks: 1. Crosley Canvas Leaf Cruiser Briefcase Portable Vinyl Record Player, £100, Urban Outfitters  2. Beats EP on-ear headphones, £89.95, Apple 3. Amy Winehouse Back to Black, £25, Urban Outfitters 4. Fleetwood Mac Rumours, £22, Urban Outfitters 5. Intempo Revolve Turntable Record Player, £99, House of Fraser