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Autumn’s must-try skincare

Top Autumn skincare trends

With autumn drawing closer, it’s the ideal time to update your beauty cabinet and prep your skin for the colder months. But with 2017 offering unique trends and products on the skincare front, your annual buys may look a little different this year. Lucky for you we have the lowdown on what products you need to make sure your skin is glowing, not gloomy, this fall.

Sheet masks

Face masks have always been a staple but this year it’s all about the sheet mask. These skin saviours are pieces of cloth or paper (with cutouts for your nose, mouth and eyes), which have been saturated in just the right amount of skin-loving ingredients. With fuss-free application and no mess (simply rub in excess product once you’re done), they’re perfect for bringing the spa to your sofa. Just remember to take it off before you answer the door, unless you want to give the neighbour a fright…

Dry face brushing

In the autumn months, your skin needs extra TLC and protection from the elements. Dry face brushing is an effortless way to gently exfoliate without any mess. Perfect for boosting circulation and sweeping away dead skin cells, this super-simple technique is easy to slot into your daily routine and will leave you glowing. With many brands now introducing this little wonder into their skincare ranges, it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

Hyaluronic acid and retinol

Hyaluronic acid and retinol are both impressive ingredients that every skincare lover should have on their radar. Hyaluronic acid regulates cell renewal and adds an extra boost of hydration, whereas retinol combats fine lines and wrinkles. Separately, they’re mighty but together, they’re a powerhouse duo working as one to replenish moisture and leave your skin smooth and plump.


From jellies and gels to bubble masks that morph and expand on your skin, 2017 is the year of weird and wonderful textures. Hailing from Korea, this skincare trend (also known as K-beauty) is all about enjoying the experience of using skincare that changes as you apply it. With many of your favourite beauty brands now experimenting with these innovative textures, it’s easy to adapt them into your everyday routine. Why not start by swapping out your usual creamy cleanser for a jelly-based one? 

Superfood skincare

We all know how popular the likes of kale, chia and turmeric have been in recent years, but 2017 has seen this superfood squad transcend from menus to make-up bags with everything from kale nail varnish to avocado face creams. From chia’s essential fatty acids to kale’s rich nutrients – these products will leave your skin hydrated and refreshed. After all, beauty is all about the inside and out – right?

Now your skin is armed and ready to face any weather autumn will throw at it which, let’s face it, will probably be rain, rain and more rain.

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